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The Differences Between LED Projectors vs LCD Projectors vs DLP Projectors

Leeman Projectors Price List (Minimum Order Quantity 100 pieces) as below: LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMH90, Brightness LED1200lumens(40ANSI), Price is 20USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMP268, Brightness LED1200lumens(40ANSI), Price is 22USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMP280, Brightness LED1200lumens(40ANSI), Price is 24USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMP368, Brightness LED2400lumens(80ANSI), Price is 28USD LEEMAN LED Projector,

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Wireless Advertising P5 Outdoor Park Street Light Pole LED Signboard

LEEMAN DISPLAY LED Pole Street Signage Billboard Specifications 1, High brightness, easy installation 2, Energy saving, Easy maintenance 3, Advanced dot adjusting 4, 3G/4G, WIFI control Super brightness full color LED billboard advertising Function and Technology characters: 1. Show all kinds of word,text,graph,pictures,flashes,video,2-dimension,3-dimension carton and any other formats with your PC does

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