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Circular LED Display Round LED Screen

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Circular LED Display Round LED Screen

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Round shape LED screen or circle Logo led video display is a unique design of Visual power. Below is a 1m diameter outdoor P4 LED circular display which is edgeless. It is mainly used to play some simple logos , image and short video to attract customers into the store.

Quick Installation
Ultra-thin design, intelligent mounting bracket for quick and easy installation.

Double Sided
Make your shops more attractive from long distance. Double-sided design can get people’s attention from different directions.

Easy operation
Plug and play, friendly use software, USB/ WiFi/4G/5G to update the programs easily.

Features & Benefits
IP65 Waterproof
Low power consumption
Easy to assemble and maintain
Support Multiple Playback Formats
Multiple Control Method like WIFI 4G 5G Wireless
It is popularly used in banks, shops, bars, streets, cafes, etc.

Support Multiple Playback Formats
The Circle LED Display screen uses an asynchronous control card. Round LED Display supports all kinds of video and picture formats. such as mp4, jpg, png, gif, etc.

The screen is basically a plug and play device by using USB. Circle LED Display Screen also has a 4G optional controller. sending programs remotely will be a piece of cake.

Multiple Control Method
LED logo sign is not only available to be controlled by an Android App. But computer software (recommended for settings only). Media file upload can be easily done by using Wi-Fi as well. Besides, Circle LED Display Screen comes with 4GB video storage capacity. supporting extra USB extending storage. LED logo sign is a good alternative to traditional acrylic LED Logo sign and lightbox.

P4.68 Double Sided Circle LED Display P8 Round LOGO LED Display Screen Technical Parameters


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