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HD-C16C HD-C36C Huidu LED Asynchronous Controller Card

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HD-C16C HD-C36C Huidu LED Asynchronous Controller Card

HD-C16C HD-C36C Huidu LED Asynchronous Controller Card
Huidu Dual-Model Asynchronous LED Player Box HD-A6 / HD-A5 / HD-A4 / HD-A3 WIFI 4G
Huidu Asynchronous Full Color LED Controller Card HD-C15 / HD-C15C / HD-C16C / HD-C35 / HD-C35C / HD-C36C / HD-C10 / HD-C30 WIFI 4G


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The fourth generation of small and medium screen asynchronous control card HD-C16C HD-C36C is the latest generation of LED display asynchronous control system that supports mobile phone APP control and Web remote control. It adopts Android platform and supports 60Hz frame rate output and remote control power supply functions.

Model: HD-C16C
Control range: 120,000 points (384*320)
Model: HD-C36C
Control range: 520,000 points (1024*512)
Memory: 4GB
Audio output: support

HD-C15(122,880 pixels)
HD-C15C(122,880 pixels)
HD-C35(524,288 pixels)
HD-C35C(524,288 pixels)
C15/C15C Widest 1024, Highest 512, C35/C35C Widest 1024, Highest 1024
Can be use for one receiving card
Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management
Support 3G/4G (Optional), Internet remote cluster control
Support video hard decoding, 60Hz output
4 GB Memory, Expending memory by U-disk
Android OS, Quad-core Cortex-A9 1.6GHz CPU

1. Control range: 120,000 points (384*320);
2. Onboard 4GB storage, support U disk to expand storage space;
3. Support HD video hard decoding, 60Hz frame rate output;
4. Support the widest 8192 pixels and the highest 512 pixels;
5. No complicated network settings, automatic identification of equipment, plug and play;
6. Network (Internet/LAN) cluster management;
7. Standard Wi-Fi module communication, update content through mobile APP;
8. Standard 3.5mm standard audio output interface;
9. Support 4G access to the Internet (optional);
10. There are 10 HUB75E ports on board, which can be used as a receiving card;
11. Standard configuration 1 group of relay controller, remote control power supply.

Interface Description
1. Power terminal: 5V DC power input;
2. Output network port: connect with the receiving card;
3. Input network port: connect to the debugging computer for debugging or publishing programs; LAN/Internet network connection interface;
4. Audio output interface: standard dual-channel stereo output;
5. U disk interface: used for U disk to update programs and expand storage space;
6. Wi-Fi antenna interface: connect to an external Wi-Fi antenna interface;
7. 4G antenna interface: connect an external 4G antenna interface;
8. Test button: used to test the aging test of the display screen;
9. 4G indicator light: display 4G network status;
10. 4G module: 4G communication module, used to provide control card networking (belonging to optional components);
11. Display indicator: the normal output indicator of the video signal of the control card flashes;
12. HUB75E interface: connect to the module through a flat cable;
13. Reserved interface
14. Temperature sensor interface: an external temperature sensor can display the current temperature value on the screen;
15. Relay control interface: the power interface of the relay;
16. GPS serial port: an external GPS module can be connected;
17. Sensor interface: used for external environmental monitoring equipment, multi-function sensors, etc.;
18. Working status indicator: PWR is the power indicator, used to display the power supply status, the normal power supply indicator is always on; RUN is the running indicator, and the control card’s normal working indicator flashes;
19. Fool-proof power interface: 5V DC power interface, with fool-proof design, with the same function as the 1 5V DC terminal.

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