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Outdoor P10 DIP570 LED Display Module Panel 320×320

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Outdoor P10 DIP570 LED Display Module Panel 320×320

Outdoor P10 DIP570 LED Display Module Panel 320x320mm
Pixel Pitch: 10mm
Module Size: 320*320mm
Module Resolution: 32*32 pixels
Epistar Cree DIP570 RGB 3in1
LED Module Including the Data Cables & Power Cables
LED Module Work With Linsn, Novastar, Colorlight, Xixun, Huidu LED Conroller Card System


Outdoor P10 DIP570 LED Display Module Panel 320x320mm, DIP570 Outdoor P10 LED Display Screen Panel 320x320mm, P10 outdoor led module DIP 570 rgb 320x320mm, High Brightness Led Panel 320*320mm, P10.41 DIP570 Full Color Led Display Module 250mmx250mm, P8.33 Outdoor DIP570 Led Video Wall Panel 250mmx250mm

P10 DIP570 RGB 3in1 320mmx320mm Outdoor Dual Maintenance LED Module Features:
1) Dual-maintenance, from both the front side and the rear side. People usually use its front maintenance function.
2) Easy maintenance, easy to take the modules with a hexagonal screwdriver.
3) No screws, easier to take the modules and mount the modules on the cabinet.
4) 10mm pixel pitch is suitable for small banner screen.
5) New plastic cover with new mold, smaller module gaps and better screen flatness.

Outdoor Frontal Service LED Display Module Specification:

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
P3.91mmSMD192164*64SMD 3in1>6000250*2501/8Scan
P4.8mmSMD192152*52SMD 3in1>6000250*2501/7Scan
P4mmSMD192180*80SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/10Scan
P5.3mmSMD192160*60SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/8Scan
P6.67mmSMD272748*48SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/6Scan
P8mmSMD353540*40SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/5Scan
P10mmSMD353532*32SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/2Scan
P5.3mmSMD192160*60SMD 3in15500-6000320*3201/6Scan
P6.67mmSMD272748*48SMD 3in15000-5500320*3201/6Scan
P8mmSMD353540*40SMD 3in15000-5500320*3201/5Scan
P10mmSMD353532*32SMD 3in16000-6500320*3201/2Scan

LED Chips
We choose high-quality Gold wire LED chips such as Nationstar and Kinglight for outdoor LED display modules. Furthermore, high brightness and IP65 waterproof protection can be provided.

IC Driver
To achieve the best visual performance of outdoor LED display, we use the best driving IC such as MBI5153, MBI5124, ICN2153, ICN2163, ICN2038S, FM6363 with high refresh rate 3840 and high grey level with the latest technologies.

72+ Hours Aging
72 Hours aging test (white balance aging (2×24 hours) and video aging (24 hours)) to improve the reliability of the outdoor LED display panels.

Indoor LED Display Module Pixel Pitch Avaliable
P0.9mm, P1.25mm, P1.56mm, P1.667mm, P1.875mm, P1.923mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P3.91mm, P4mm, P4.81mm, P5mm, P6mm, P7.62mm, P10mm and small pixel pitch series such as P1.875mm, P1.25mm, P1.538mm, P1.667mm, P1.86mm etc

Outdoor LED Display Panel Pixel Pitch Avaliable
P2mm, P2.5mm, P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3mm, P3.076mm, P3.33mm, P4mm, P5mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5.95mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, and DIP 1R1G1B series such as P6mm, P8mm, P10mm, P16mm, P20mm, etc. Various sizes 320*160mm, 160mm*160mm, 192mm*192mm, 250mmx250mm, 256mm*128mm, 320mm*320mm

Easy Assembling
The frontal service LED module can be replaced or taken out from the front side or real side easily by only one person. No screws design, so it is easier to mount the modules on the cabinet quickly.

Dual-mode Maintenancm
Dual-mode maintenance (Front & Rear) outdoor LED display panel , saving the maintenance space and being compatible with hard installation conditions.

Epistar Cree DIP570 RGB 3 in 1 LED
Adopting high reliable DIP570, DIP346, DIP546 to ensure outdoor front access LED modules perform high brightness from 8000nits/m2 – 12000nits/m2.

NationStar Gold Wire SMD 3 in 1 LED
Adopting high reliable SMD1415, SMD1921, SMD2525, SMD2727and SMD3535 to ensure outdoor front access LED modules perform high brightness from 6000nits/m2 – 8000nits/m2.

Various Specifications Available
All pixel available including P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5.3mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, and DIP 1R1G1B series such as P10mm, P16mm, P20mm, etc. Various sizes 320*160mm, 160mm*160mm, 192mm*192mm ,250mmx250mm and 256mm*128mm are in stock.

LeemanLED High-quality SMD 3in1 full-color outdoor LED display modules are equipped with data power cables and 3 Years Warranty, All Outdoor LED panels with high brightness and color uniformity to ensure the LED display has excellent visual performance.

LeemanDisplay Outdoor frontal service LED module can meet the requirements of IP68 rating and is a effective full-color SMD 3 in 1 LED sign module with high quality and high brightness. 320mm*320mm and 250mm*250mm is available and 3 years warranty is provided.

DIP570 Outdoor P10 LED Display Screen Panel 320x320mm Parameters:

LED Module Parameter
Pixel Pitch10mm
Pixel ConfigurationDIP570 RGB 3in1
Density10,000 pixels/㎡
Module Resolution32pixel(L) * 32pixel(H)
Module Dimension320mm(L) * 320mm(H) * 22mm(D)
Driving ModeConstant current, 1/4duty
Module MaskPure black mask—high contrast screen
Electricity Parameter
Optical Ratings
Brightness≥10,000 CD/㎡
Viewing Angle140°(Horizontal); 120°(Vertical)
Best Viewing Distance≥10m
Gray Grade16 bits
Display Color4.4 trillion colors
Brightness Adjustment100 grades by software or automatically by sensor
Max. Power Consumption70 W
Control System
Frame Frequency≥60Hz
Refresh Frequency≥3840Hz
Input SignalComposite Video, S-video, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HD-SDI
Control Distance100M (Ethernet cable); 
20KM (Optical fiber cable)
Support VGA Mode800*600, 1024*768, 1280*1024, 1600*1200
Color Temperature5000—9300 adjustable
Brightness CorrectionPixel by pixel, module by module, cabinet by cabinet
Working Temperature-20~+60 ºC
Storage Temperature-30~+70 ºC
Working Humidity10%~90% RH
Lifetime100,000 hours
MTBF5000 hours
Continuous Operating Time≥72 hours
Protection GradeIP65
Out-of-Control Pixel Rate≤0.01%


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