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Spherical LED display Sphere LED screen

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Spherical LED display Sphere LED screen

Spherical LED Display Sphere LED Screen / Sphere LED Display / Cube LED Display / LOGO LED Display  / Flexible LED Display / Triangular LED Display / Cans LED Display / Diamond LED Display / Curtain LED Display / Transparent LED Display / COB Fine Pixel LED Display / Triangle Dj Club LED Display


Spherical LED display Sphere LED screen, Sphere LED Display Cube LED Display / LOGO LED Display  / Flexible LED Display / Triangular LED Display / Cans LED Display / Diamond LED Display / Curtain LED Display / Transparent LED Display / COB Fine Pixel LED Display / Triangle Dj Club LED Display

Sphere LED Display Application: Museum, science and technology museum, exhibition hall, Outdoor spherical video advertising, decoration and lighting project;
Installation: floor stand type, suspended type, inlaying type, embedded type, etc. Meet the diverse needs of customers;
Features: Modules,PCB board adopts trapezoidal board design, which can be realized seamless stitching, 360 degree perspective, easy to show the details, full view.Support uniform sampling technology, display the picture is not distorted.

LOGO LED Display It is an outdoor LED display product for the company’s trademark, name, business and other advertising needs. It has both lighting and display effect. Superior to the traditional outdoor LED letters, its appearance and corporate trademark, company name echo, to display the company’s image, convey corporate culture, highlight the brand value, with uniqueness and applicability, for customers to bring extraordinary promotion value and advertising revenue.

Cube LED Display Six-sided cube is completely seamless connected
· High pixel density, clear and sharp picture
· High contrast, high resolution
· Aluminum structure, high heat dissipation performance
· 360°Full perspective broadcast, rubik’s cube display, highlight personality
· Customized products, support floor standing install, suspended install, embedded installation.
· flight case package, protection perfectly.

Flexible LED Display Thin and flexible
· Modules with magnet design, can be assembled and disassembled independently, simple operation
· High grayscale high refresh, high contrast
· Patent products, customized products
· Flexible LED display can be installed in any curved surface, suitable for artistic modeling
· Suitable for stage background, exhibition hall, indoor meeting room and other curved display

Triangular LED Display Triangle Dj Club LED Display Triangle LED module, the display screen that can be spliced into polygons and spheres according to the actual needs, It is a technical improvement with outstanding characteristics and display progress in the field of LED creativedisplay, and unique splicing display idea.

Cans LED Display High resolution and high pixel density, High definition displaying effect.
· Uniform color, sharp picture
· High grayscale, high refresh rate, no delay, no shadow
· SMD three – in-one LED, smooth surface, super wide viewing Angle
· Unique design, same proportion simulation, fast installation, convenient transportation
· High efficiency and stability, high reliability, long service life
· Compatible with various signal source input
· Flight case package

Diamond LED Display screen, an LED art level technology display screen, using Apexls’ patented triangle module assembled. As many as dozens of diamond cut surface shape, it presents different color creative changing effect. Advanced display visual technology, can be truly restored the natural color, completely suitable for the eyes of color perception habit. When the video advertisement plays, like a bright diamond gives out the dazzling light.

Curtain LED Display LED Curtain screen is a kind of creative LED with minimum requirements for steel structure. Compared with conventional cabinet type display screen, it is 65% lighter and 80% more transparent. It does not affect the natural lighting and viewing needs inside the building, and its influence on the appearance of the building is lower and more transparent. At the same time, it brings great convenience for installation, construction and transportation, and saves costs.

Transparent LED Display screen, which is specially designed for the building with glass wall, has more powerful functions than the traditional light products. It can be integrated with buildings during the day and play video, pictures, text and other contents like the traditional LED display screen at night, with a large area display and a more impressive effect.

COB Fine Pixel LED Display GOB LED Display is recognized as the latest generation of LED display technology by LED industrial, small pixel pitc compared with SMD display technology, From P2.0 to P0.5 resolution, COB technology combined with integrated encapsulation and high-density display technology, high reliability, high protective natural advantages, the contrast and color gamut, consistency, also has the advantage of differentiation.


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