DMX Winches Ball Kinetic LED Lighting Systems | LED  lifting ball | LED kinetic light | LED triangular light tube

Beam Moving Head Light
Beam Wash Moving Head Lighting
Beam Spot Moving Head Light
3W 5W 10W 15W 20W RGB Laser Light
RGB LED Kinetic lights Triangle Tube
RGB Moving Head Laser Bar
LED Wash Moving Head Light
LED Spot Moving Head Light
LED Aluminum Alloy Par Light
LED Flat Par Lighting
LED COB Effect Lighting
LED Waterproof Par Light
LED Plastic Par Light
LED Wall Wash Light
LED Laser Strobe Light
Console Controller System

Beam Moving Head Light
Beam 350W 17R 380 19R Light
Beam 150W 230W 260W 275W Light
8x12W 10x40W Beam Moving Head Light
Mini Spider 8x6W 9x10W Beam
Beam 10W 40W Moving Head
4x25W Beam Moivng Head Light
12x12W 36x3W Beam Moving Head Light

LED Spot Moving Head Light
160W 230W LED Spot Light
90W 100W LED Spot Light
150W 200W 350W 380W LED Spot Light
60W 80W LED Spot Light

LED Wash Moving Head Light
Wash Zoom 12x40W 19x15W 37x15W
7x12W 7x18W Moving Head Light
Zoom 36x12W 36x18W Moving Head Light
Bees Eyes 6x15W 7x40W
Mini 4x10W Moving Head Light

LED Aluminum Alloy Par Light
Zoom Par 18x12W 18x18W Light
Alloy 7x18W
Alloy 18x12W 18x18W
Zoom COB Par 200W Light
Alloy 54x3W 54x9W

LED COB Lighting
LED Matrix 5x30W 25x30W Light
COB Par 30W
(1Eye)COB Par 200W 4in1 6in1
COB Par 4x50W
COB 2x100W 4x100W
200W Spot Imagery Light
Follow Spot 230W 330W 440W

LED Waterproof Par Light
7x12W 7x18W Par Lighting
Waterproof 54x3W Par Lighting
200W COB Par Lighting
18x12W 18x18W Par Lighting

LED Plastic Par Light
7x12W 7x18W Par Light
10W LED Spotlight
12x3W 54x3W Par Light
9x12W 9x10W&30W Par Light
Remote Control Par Light

LED Wall Wash Light
18x12W 18x18W Wall Wash
LED 24x9W Wash
6x3W 9x3W Violet Wash
Bar Wall Wash Lighting

LED Laser Strobe Light
LED Strobe Flash Light
Laser Lighting
Effect Lighting
Laser Moving Head Lighting

Controller and Fog Machine
Wireless Receiver or Transmitter
DMX Console
Flame Machina
Smoke Machine
Bubble Machine
DMX512 Distributor

Lights Accessories
Power Supply Cable
Wheel for Gobo colour
Hooks Light
DMX Cables
Power and Control Board
Motor and Belt
LED Chips
Waterproof Raincover

LED Flat Par Lighting
12x3W 54x3W 10W Hot Par
9x12W 9x10W plus 30W
Par 7x12W 7x18W

Aluminum Par Light
18x12W 18x18W Aluminum
54x3W 54x9W Aluminum Par
7x18W Aluminum Par

Wireless Remote Control LED
6x18W Remote Control LED

LED COB Effect Lighting
30W COB Par Light
4eyes 400W LED COB
100W 200W COB Par Light
LED 25x30W 5x30W 4x50W
2eyes 200W LED COB
COB Par 200W Zoom

LED Wall Wash Lights
18x18W Wall Wash
LED Pixel 40×0.3W

Waterproof LED Lighting
18x12W 18X18W 54x3W Waterproof Par
7x12W 7X18W Waterproof Par

Laser Light Effect Lighting
18x12W 330W LED Effect Lighting
6x500mw LED Laser Lights

Strobe Lighting Club Lighting
80W Strobe Flash Lighting
60in1 LED Club Lighting

Beam Wash Moving Lighting
10W 8x6W 9x10W Mini LED Lighting
36x12W 36x18W Wash Zoom
19x15W RGBW Zoom Lighting
8x12W LED Beam Moving
7x12W 7x18W Wash Moving Head
4x25W Moving Head
400W 12x40W Led zoom
6x15W 6x40W 7x15W 7x40W Lighting

Beam Spot Moving Head
Beam 7R 9R 10R 17R 19R
150W 160W 200W 230W Spot Beam
60W 80W 100W 4x10W LED Spot

Contorller and Effect Equipment
900W 1500W 3000W Smoke Machine
192 1024 DMX Controller
Distributor 8way
DMX Transmitter Receiver

LED Gobo Moving Head
350W 17R Moving Head
LED 75W gobo light
30W gobo light
LED 60W gobo light
230W 7r beam light
LED Moving Head 150W
LED Beam 6x40W
LED 90W gobo light

LED Wash Moving Head
36x12W led wash moving head
Led Bar Beam 8x12W
6x15W RGBW Bee Eye
LED12W RGBW beam
7X12W moving head mini
36x4W 12X12W moving head
Led Spider 8x15W 8x16W
36x18W LED wash moving head
19x15W Bee Eye
60W RGBW 4in1 beam

LED Par Light rgbwa UV
54 LED par light
Par 54x9W
7 LED par Light
24x18W Wash Light
18x18W Wash Light
18x12W Wash Light
9 LED ParLight

Wireless Controller LED Par
18×8 RGBW
7x12W RGBW
54 x3W RGBW
9x12W 9x10W 30W LED Par

LED Zoom par waterproof par light
Zoom par 24x18W
Waterproof par 18x18W
COB Zoom par 300W
Zoom par 18x18W
Waterproof par 18x15W
Waterproof par 24x18W

LED Effect Party Light
smoke machine
MP3 LED Crystal Magic Ball
Bluetooth LED Crystal Magic Ball
6x3W LED Crystal Magic Ball

Waterproof LED par lights
waterproof 18x12W LED par
24x18W wateproor led wall washer

Stage lighting equipment
1000W Strobe 3000W Strobe
DMX cable 1-100m
Fire Machine DMX
DMX Controller
Light hook Rope Cable

COB LED Par 200W
5x30W RGB LED Matrix
LED COB 2x100W Blinder
LED COB 4x100W Blinder Light