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1.25mm Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen

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1.25mm Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen

P1.25 Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen
Pixel pitch: 1.25 mm
Refresh rate: >5760 Hz
Brightness: 1000 nits
Cabinet Size: 600mm*337.5mm*80mm
Cabinet Weight: 5.5kg
LED Display Indoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Display P0.9 P1.25 P1.5 P1.6 P1.9 P2.0 P2.5 UHD LED Video Screen


P1.25 Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen LED Video Wall P1.25 Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display Module 200*150mm

High precision stitching, seamless design improves the display quality.
Front access maintenance, with magnets fixed to Die-casting aluminium cabinet.

Fixed permanent installation.
High modularization design, conenivent to repair. If there is any bad LED or damages on single module, just remove the module separately without taking out the cabinet and control box.

The smaller the module size, the higher the flexibility; the larger the module size, the lower the price and the less flexible.

Determine the shortest distance for general viewing. The shorter the distance, the smaller the pixel dot spacing, which means more LEDs on a certian module and again higher cost.

Small Pixel Pitch indoor LED module needs high refresh rate up to 3840HZ, flicker-free and no grainness, perfect display performance.

Commonly, indoor LED module with brightness ≥800cd/sqm. If the installation environment with strong light, use high brightness LEDs up to 1200cd/sqm to 3000cd/sqm(optional).

Outdoor fixed installation or rental die casting led display
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Indoor rental die casting aluminum and videowall led screen.
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P1.25 LED Display 400mm*300mm Front Service
P1.56 LED Display 400mm*300mm Front Service
P1.66 LED Display 400mm*300mm Front Service
P1.92 LED Display 400mm*300mm Front Service
P1.66 LED Display 480mm*480mm Front Service
P1.87 LED Display 480mm*480mm Front Service
Thickness and light cabinet, Refresh rate 3840Hz, contrast ratio 8000:1, 18 bits

P1.25 P1.266 P1.45 P1.56 P1.58 P1.667 P1.78
P1.875 P1.904 P1.923 P2 P2.5 P2.97, P3.47 P3.91 P4.81
P1.388 P1.47 P1.5625 P1.579 P1.667 P1.875 P1.923 P2 P2.5
Cabinet size 400mm x 300mm (16:9)
Cabinet size 480mm x 480mm (16:9)
Cabinet size 600mm x 337mm (16:9)
Cabinet size 608mm x 343mm (16:9)
Cabinet size 500mm x 500mm
Cabinet size 500mm x 1000mm
Cabinet size 512mm x 512mm
Cabinet size 576mm x 576mm
Cabinet size 640mm x 640mm
Cabinet size 768mm x 768mm
Cabinet size 960mm x 960mm
Cabinet size 1024mm x 1024mm

P1.25-P2 Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Module Small Pixel Pitch LED display P1.25 Led screen Specifications

ItemTechnical Parameters
Nationstar REESTAR Full black Gold Wire SMD GOB LED Chip Parameters
Item NameLED Type
Red LEDSMD1515 / SMD 1010 / SMD0808
Green LEDSMD1515 / SMD 1010 / SMD0808
Blue LEDSMD1515 / SMD 1010 / SMD0808
LEEMAN LED DISPLAY Module Specification
Pixel PitchLeemanLED-P1.25mm
Pixels Density640,000 pixels/m2
LED ConfigurationNationstar SMD RGB 3in1
Package ModeGOB SMD1515 / SMD 1010 / SMD0808
Module Size200mm X 150mm
Module Resolution160 x 120 pixels
Module Pixles19,200 pixels
Max Power Consumpion50W
Module Thickness18mm
PCB Board4 Layer PCB Board With 1.6mm
Driving ICMBI5153 or ICN2153
Drive TypeConstant drive
Driving Method Scan Mode1/30 scan
Port Interface TypeHUB75
Module Input VoltageDC5V
Brightness of White Balance≥1000cd/㎡
LEEMAN LED DISPLAY Cabinet Specification
Cabinet Size(W X H X D)400mm x 300mm x 70mm and 600mm x 337.5mm x 70mm
Cabinet Resolution(dot)320 x 240 pixels
Cabinet Ratio4 : 3 or 16 : 9
Module Quanity (pcs)4pcs
Cabinet Pixels76800 pixels
Pixel Density640,000 pixels/m2
Cabinet MaterialsDie Casting Aluminum Cabinet for rental purpose
Cabinet Weight3kg per cabinet
Whole LEEMAN LED DISPLAY Screen Specification
Screen Brightness≥1000cd/m2
Driving Method1/30 scan
Best Viewing Distance1m - 50m
Max. Power Consumption600W/m2
Average Power Consumption350W/m2
Gray Level16bits input, 4096 levels
Display Color256M
Frame Frequency≥60Hz
Refresh Frequency≥3840Hz - 6420Hz
Uninterrupted Working Hours≥72 hours
Screen Life-span≥100,000 hours
MTBF≥10,000 hours
Discrete Blind Spot Rate<1/20000
Continuous Blind Spot RateNone
Blind Spot Rate<1/10000
Protective ScaleFor indoor use only
Screen Plainness<±1mm
Power Supply ModeAC220±10% 50Hz / AC110±10% 60Hz
Environment Temperature & HumidityTemperature:-35 Celsius~+60 Celsius
Humidity:10%~90% RH
Control ModeSynchronous display with control PC by DVI
Control SystemDVI video card + full color control card + fiber system(optional)
Display ContentHDMI, VGA, Video, DVD, VCD, TV, picture, cartoon, graphics, texts.etc.
InterfaceStandard Ethernet
Transmission DistanceMulti mode fiber <500m, single mode fiber <30km,internet cable <100m
Control SystemLinsn LED, Novastar LED, Colorlight LED or as you required
Power Supply BrandG-energy, MeanWell, Chuanglian or as you required
CertificateUL, EMC, CE, ROHS, FCC

P4 indoor LED Screen Module P4 Indoor Led Display Screen P4 INDOOR LED SCREEN

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