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P2.604mm outdoor LED Display Module 250mmx250mm for P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81outdoor Rental LED Screen Stage LED Display

Home|Outdoor LED Display Panel|P2.604mm outdoor LED Display Module 250mmx250mm for P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81outdoor Rental LED Screen Stage LED Display

P2.604mm outdoor LED Display Module 250mmx250mm for P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81outdoor Rental LED Screen Stage LED Display

P2.604mm outdoor LED Display Module 250mmx250mm
NationStar Gold Wire SMD RGB LED Chip
NovaStar Sending Card Receiving Card
MeanWell LED Display Power Supply
High Brightness 5500nits – 8000nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 8600Hz
Product Description: China Shenzhen P2.604 P2.976 outdoor LED Display Screen Panel Cabinet Video Wall


P2.604mm outdoor LED Display Module 250mmx250mm for P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81outdoor Rental LED Screen Stage LED Display

1. LED stage screen LED large-scale electronic display with a new mask design, so that the light emitted by the LED is almost zero reflection, Ensure the display effect of the screen;

2. LED stage screen the unique LED light down-tilt technology, so that the viewing angle of the whole screen of the display screen is reasonably expanded, so that the effect is better when the installation is higher;

3. LED stage screen LED full color electronic screen unit module box design uses high temperature spraying technology to greatly improve the anti-rust function;

4. LED stage screen the flatness of the module mounting surface is required to be controlled at plus or minus 0.2mm, and the flatness of the whole screen is good;

5. LED stage screen the display color uniformity is super high

6. LED stage screen the circuit board uses the wave soldering process, with a green oil oxygen barrier layer, to prevent the moisture and oxidation of the line, mentioning the service life;

7. LED stage screen of the use efficiency of the screen switching power supply is greatly improved, reducing the power failure rate;

8. LED stage screen cancel the aviation head line, using the fishbone bus routing, greatly reducing the problem of poor contact;

9. LED stage screen of the front of the module is made of high-quality imported glue for filling, and the back is waterproof apron to improve the waterproof performance of the display;

10. LED stage screen with IP65 level or higher performance waterproof, dustproof;

11. LED stage screen with all-weather display, adapt to a variety of harsh outdoor environments;

12. LED stage screen high brightness, high waterproof level, high reliability

13. LED stage screen using the current popular DVI interface

14. LED stage screen equipped with a universal control system, so that the user’s flexibility in the use process is greatly enhanced

Leeman Outdoor HD LED stage screen P2.604mm outdoor LED Display Module 250mmx250mm full color large screen new technology

ItemTechnical Parameters
Nationstar REESTAR LED Chip Parameters
Item NameLED Type
Red LEDSMD1415
Green LEDSMD1415
Blue LEDSMD1415
LEEMAN LED DISPLAY Module Specification
Pixel PitchLeemanLED-P2.604mm
Pixels Density147,456 pixels/m2
LED ConfigurationNationstar SMD RGB 3in1
Package ModeSMD1415
Module Size250mm X 250mm
Module Resolution96 x 96 pixels
Module Pixles9216 pixels
Max Power Consumpion50W
Module Thickness25mm
PCB Board4 Layer PCB Board With 1.6mm
Driving ICMBI5253 or ICN2163
Drive TypeConstant drive
Driving Method Scan ModeDynamic 1/16 Duty constant current
Port Interface TypeHUB75
Module Input VoltageDC5V
Brightness of White Balance≥6500cd/㎡
Module MaskPure Black mask-high contrast screen
Cabinet Size500mm×500mm×65mm or 500mm×1000mm×65mm
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight6.5kg
Cabinet Resolution192(H)×192(V)
Cabinet Density36864pixels/cabinet
Cabinet Maintenance Way:Front & Rear
Electricity Parameter
Gray Scale16bits
View Angle160 degree ( horizontal) 160degree(vertical)
Best View Distance2m-50m
Max Power Consumption800w/㎡
Avg Power Consumption300w/㎡
Operation PowerAC100-240V 50-60HZ Switchable
LED Control System
Correction Scale Level256bits
Frame Update Frequency60Hz
Fresh frequency1920-3840
Gamma Correction-5.0—5.0
Support InputComposite Video, S-Video, DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI, HD_SDI
Control DistanceEthernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Color Temperature5000-9200 adjustable
Brightness Correctiondot by dot, module by module, cabinet by cabinet
Working Parameter
Operating Life100,000 hours
Operating Humidity15-90% RH
Operating Temperature.-25-65 Celsius degree
MTBF10,000 Hours
Protection LevelIP65
Out of Control Pixel Rate0.0001
Continuous Working Time≥72 Hours
InterfaceStandard Ethernet
Transmission DistanceMulti mode fiber <500m, single mode fiber <30km,internet cable <100m
Power Supply BrandG-energy, MeanWell, Chuanglian or as you required
CertificateCE, RoHS, FCC, UL, EMC

China Shenzhen P2.604 P2.976 LED Display Screen Panel Cabinet Video Wall P2.604mm Indoor LED Display Module 250mmx250mm P2.604mm outdoor LED Display Module 250mmx250mm P3.91 P4.81 P2.604 P2.976 full color outdoor LED display P2.604mm Rental LED Display Screen Outdoor HD LED Stage Screen P2.604 Full Color Large Magnesium Alloy Indoor P2.604mm Rental LED Screen


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