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2mm Indoor LED Full Color Screen

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2mm Indoor LED Full Color Screen

P2mm Indoor LED Full Color Screen Manufacturers P2 Indoor Full Color Rental LED Display
1. NationStar MD LED with Best Color Uniformity and Relaible Quality.
2. High Refresh Rate 5760Hz and High Grey Grade with Reliable Driving IC MBI5153 ICN2153
3. Best Power Supply of Meanwell PSU of CE, UL Approved.
4. LED Cabinet Can be Customized accroding to your LED Display Size.
5. High reliability. MTBF 10,000 hours. Up to 100,000 hours lifetime.


P2mm Indoor LED Full Color Screen 256×128mm SMD full color P2mm indoor LED display Panel for LED display Video Wall, High Stable NationStar Gold Black LED lamp and MBI5153 ICN2153 driving IC

A high quality module for high quality display output. The 2mm pixel pitch provides great quality output and makes it lightweight. The delicate design and lightweight makes it ideal to move and install. Can be used at different places.

Best Quality Material, Modules and Chips
The material, modules and chips are selected with great care. We purchase the material from reputed vendors. Chips are purchased from big brands like Cree (USA), Nichia (Japan), Epistar, Opto (Taiwan). ICs are bought from MBI, TMS, PWM and MingYang. These manufactures are known for their great quality products.

Control System and Power Supply
The control system of module features a sending card, receiving card and receiving hub. Easy to operate manual power supply voltage selection switch can be used to adjust supply voltage 110V and 220V.

High Refresh Rate
The PH2 Indoor SMD Full Color LED Module is manufactured as per latest technology-dynamic scanning mode which offers higher brightness and high refresh rate. It features a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, producing best quality outputs in form of pictures, videos and texts.

LED video wall manufacturer provide high quality p2 led screen:

16:9 Aspect Ratio for Popular Resolutions
With a perfect screen ratio of 16:9, Fine Pixel Pitch Series HD LED display could be easily connected in consistent with frequently-used video proportion of 4:3 or 16:9,

Support for Front Installation and Maintenance
Module, power supply, receiving card,conversion card, and cables between panels could all be maintained from the front. Additionally, the specially-designed panel could be installed from front as well, which makes it more adaptive to the condition with narrow space.

Support for gap minitrim
The low-cost connecting mechanism could eliminate dark or bright lines between panels effectively and cause no worry of assembly efficiency for the engineers any more.

Compact, Reliable and Easy to Service
Fine Pixel Pitch Series display includes two standard HDMI input and loop-output pairs, meeting HDCP compliance and redundancy needs. The Fine Pixel Pitch Series LED displays are available with single or dual power supplies, with the dual power supply options adding a level of redundancy.

Comprehensive Image Control Capabilities
For LED video wall image control, Fine Pixel Pitch Series uses LED Control Software for image set-up and adjustment. The Windows-based software communicates to the video wall via LAN, enabling set-up and control of parameters like brightness, RGB color space and gamma gray scale.

Aluminum P2.5 Indoor Led Display | Full Color P2 LED Display | Indoor Fixed LED Displays Specifications

Part NumberLeemanLED-P2
Pixel Pitch2mm
Pixels Density250,000 pixels/m2
LED configurationNationstar SMD RGB 3in1
Package modeSMD1515
Module size256mm*128mm and 320mm x 160mm
Module resolution128dots(W)*64dots(H) and 160dots*80dots
Max Power consumpion30W
Module thickness18mm
PCB board4 Layer PCB Board With 1.6mm
Driving ICMBI5153 or ICN2153
Drive typeConstant drive
Driving Method Scan mode1/32 scan
Port Interface typeHUB75
Module Input VoltageDC5V
Brightness of white balance≥1500cd/m2
Cabinet Size512mm x 512mm (256dots X 256dots) and 960mm x 960mm
Screen Weight20kg/SQM
Mechanical Ratings
Hanging Weight Support2T
Surface FlatnessGap<0.5mm
Optical Ratings
Brightness1,200cd/ M2
View Angle160°/140°
Gray Scale16bits input, correction with 256 bits
Display COLOR256M
Brightness Adjustment0~100%
Power Supply
Operation Power110V 60Hz - 240V 50Hz
Max. Power Consumption800W/ M2
Average Power Consumption400W/ M2
Control System
Control ModeSynchronous display with control PC by DVI
Controller Card SystemLinsn LED, Novastar LED, Colorlight LED, Huidu LED Player
Frame Update Frequency60~85Hz
Screen Refresh Frequency3840Hz - 6420Hz
Gamma Correction-5.0~+5.0
Support InputComposite, S-Video, Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD_SDI
Control DistanceEthernet cable<120m or Fiber Optic<10Km
Support VGA Mode1024×768, 1280×1024, 1600×1200, 1920×1280
Brightness CorrectionPixel, Module, Cabinet
Operating Temperature-20°~+60°
Operating Humidity10~95% RH
Operating Life100,000hours
Protection LevelIP54
Out of Control Rate<0.02%
InterfaceStandard Ethernet
Transmission DistanceMulti mode fiber <500m, single mode fiber <30km,internet cable <100m
Power Supply BrandG-energy, MeanWell, Chuanglian or as you required
CertificateCE, RoHS, FCC, UL, EMC

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